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2013 Reform - Focus livelihood hotspots speed up constructio

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Reform 2013: Focus on livelihood hotspots speed up construction work style of cadres institutionalized Looking back in 2013, seemed to see a bright red 2013: Looking back over the upcoming reform of 2013 was undoubtedly the year of a reform
Reform 2013: Focus on livelihood hotspots speed up construction work style of cadres institutionalized
Looking back in 2013, seemed to see a bright red 2013: Looking back over the upcoming reform of 2013 was undoubtedly the year of a reform. Eighteen Third Plenary Session held in November, making the overall deployment of comprehensive deepening of reform, the reform in the atmosphere to a climax. In addition to the overall deployment, this year launched a number of specific areas of major reform initiatives are also impressive, from which we can see the full deepen the reform of the central solid pace and determination. Efforts to promote the reform of administrative examination and approval this year, the central and decentralized administrative approval to cancel unprecedented intensity, throughout. May, institutional changes in the functions of the State Council announced the mobilization teleconference were canceled in two batches of 133 and decentralized administrative approval and other matters; December, the State Council decided to cancel and decentralization of administrative approval items ...... 68 economic reform, the core is the reason Shun relationship between government and the market, which is a breakthrough in the reform of administrative examination and approval, and the starting point. Fast forward the reform of administrative examination and approval, will enable the government should not control the exit from the field to allow the market to play a decisive role in allocating resources. With the deepening of reform, the difficulty is also bound to increase. Must dare Kenyinggutou determination and courage to tackle tough, continuing to promote. Accelerate the pace of reforms in financial markets since July 20, 2013, the full liberalization of China's financial institutions lending rate regulation by the lending rates of financial institutions to determine the level of autonomy in accordance with commercial principles, market-oriented reform of interest rates has taken an important step. Meanwhile the central bank also stand, will work with relevant departments to further improve the basic conditions for the deposit interest rate market need, safe and orderly manner deposit interest rate market. In the capital market, the Commission issued "on further promoting reform IPO opinions" on November 30, to promote the transition from stock issuance approval system to registration system. After this reform, regulatory authorities and the issuance examination committee will only apply on the issue of disclosure of documents and information content of legal compliance audit, do not judge sustained profitability and investment value issuers, investors and market change by the independent judgment. These reform initiatives are market-driven, and in accordance with the Third Plenary Session "make the market play a decisive role in allocating resources" requirement, a huge room for reform in the financial sector, there will be more surprise. Price reform, tax reform steady since March 27, China began to implement a new oil pricing mechanism, the price adjustment reference pricing cycle of 22 days from the original shortened to 10 days, and the elimination of international oil price volatility 4% of the defined threshold. After the implementation of the new mechanism, the domestic refined oil price more closely linked with the international market. This article reflects the country's resources, "mainly determined by the market price," the direction of reform. Taxation aspects, a major reform movement this year is "Camp changed to increase" further expanding circumference. From August 1, transportation and some modern service business tax with VAT in the country pushed the pilot and radio and television services into a modern range of services, which marks the "Camp changed to increase," the pilot realized region, industry "double expansion Wai," reform efforts to further increase. "Camp changed to increase the overall advance will open a new round of tax reform." Dean of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance Strategic Aim says the camp changed to increase the surface just merge the two taxes, but actually Forced reform, promote the establishment of a new system of local taxes and intergovernmental revenues touched framing pattern, deepen fiscal reform to become a breakthrough. 123 Next html模版2013改革年:聚焦民生热点 干部作风制度化建设提速
回望2013年,仿佛看到红彤彤的一片  2013:回望改革年  即将过去的2013年毫无疑问是一个改革之年。11月召开的十八届三中全会,对全面深化改革作出总体部署,把改革年的氛围推向了高潮。除了总体部署,今年一些具体领域推出的重大改革举措也让人印象深刻,从中我们可以看到中央全面深化改革的坚实步伐和坚定决心。  全力推进行政审批改革  今年,中央取消和下放行政审批事项力度空前、贯穿始终。  5月,国务院机构职能转变动员电视电话会议宣布分两批共取消和下放了133项行政审批等事项;12月,国务院决定再取消和下放68项行政审批项目……  经济体制改革,核心是理顺政府与市场的关系,其中行政审批改革是突破口和抓手。行政审批改革的快速推进,将促使政府从不该管的领域退出来,使市场在资源配置中起决定性作用。  随着这项改革的深入,难度也势必越来越大。必须以敢于啃硬骨头的决心和勇气,攻坚克难,持续推进。  金融市场化改革步伐加快  2013年7月20日起,我国全面放开金融机构贷款利率管制,由金融机构根据商业原则自主确定贷款利率水平,我国利率市场化改革迈出重要一步。同时央行还表态,将会同有关部门进一步完善存款利率市场化所需要的各项基础条件,稳妥有序地推进存款利率市场化。  在资本市场,证监会于11月30日发布《关于进一步推进新股发行体制改革的意见》,推进股票发行从核准制向注册制过渡。本次改革之后,监管部门和发审委将只对发行申请文件和信息披露内容的合法合规性进行审核,不判断发行人的持续盈利能力和投资价值,改由投资者和市场自主判断。  这些改革举措都以市场化为导向,而按照三中全会“使市场在资源配置中起决定性作用”要求,金融领域改革空间巨大,未来会有更多看点。  价改、税改稳步向前  3月27日起,我国开始实行新的成品油定价机制,将调价参照的定价周期从原来的22个工作日缩短至10个工作日,并取消了国际油价波动4%的限定门槛。新机制实行后,国内成品油调价与国际市场挂钩更加紧密。这反映了我国资源品“主要由市场决定价格”的改革方向。  财税方面,今年的一大改革动作是“营改增”进一步扩围。8月1日起,交通运输业和部分现代服务业营业税改征增值税试点在全国范围内推开,并将广播影视服务等纳入现代服务业范围,这标志着“营改增”试点实现了地区、行业“双扩围”,改革力度进一步加大。  “营改增的全面推进将开启新一轮财税改革。”中国社科院财经战略研究院院长高培勇说,营改增表面看只是两个税种的归并,但实际上会倒逼配套改革,推动建立新的地方税体系,并触动政府间收入划分格局,成为深化财税体制改革的突破口。123下一页(责任编辑:admin)
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