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Son, 20th Floor, 17th Floor, suffering from leukemia husband

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Son, 20th Floor, 17th Floor, suffering from leukemia husband had lung cancer 53-year-old Su-Fang Wang, "stand sits a difficult task," Every day she ran upstairs, downstairs in the hospital, insisted, "As long as there is breath, can not giv
Son, 20th Floor, 17th Floor, suffering from leukemia husband had lung cancer
53-year-old Su-Fang Wang, "stand sits a difficult task," Every day she ran upstairs, downstairs in the hospital, insisted, "As long as there is breath, can not give them Yeliang" no one wanted to have a difficult task, but it really difficult stalls body, you have to carry, to carry the dead. 53-year-old Su-Fang Wang on the stalls. "My child, husband, who I can not leave." On the 26th at 11 am, Xu Fuyuan new hematology ward building 20 floors 65, 31-year-old Shuai (a pseudonym), wearing a mask in bed infusion. Bed, Su-Fang Wang will lunch in two. "Son, your dad sent me downstairs to the point of the meal, one will come up." Said Su-Fang Wang is the son of infusion Nue hand to the bed side. Su-Fang Wang did not wait for the elevator, go directly down from the fire exit stairs. Su-Fang Wang actions with rheumatoid arthritis is not too convenient. "This can save a little time." Yuehua Jian, 17th Floor, 32 Su-Fang Wang came to bed. Here lies her husband Wang Maofu month ago, Wang Maofu just had lung surgery, the left lung was removed. Son suffering from leukemia, 20th floor, 17th floor husband had lung cancer, do not give up do not abandon, so 53-year-old Su-Fang Wang insisted. ■ Sellers "I hope this money can save his son's life." Back in December 2012, when the 30-year-old Ms. Li Shuai and his wife work in Haiyun Computer City. During that time, Shuai often feel lethargic, accompanied by persistent low-grade fever. By Xu Fuyuan diagnosed: Shuai suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Doctors recommended immediate hospitalization, chemotherapy first, waiting for an opportunity and then a bone marrow transplant. Su-Fang Wang said that after they firmly God, immediately arrange for his son in hospital. "No matter what matter, there are parents, always a way." Su-Fang Wang advised his son. At the time, Li daughter pregnancy three months. "I'm afraid the disease involves a baby, tried to persuade daughter consider whether or not the child was born, but not good directly to persuade her, but the sides to talk." Daughter's attitude is very firm, must take the child was born. "Children are our hope, and I believe that children will be healthy." Li said, when she was still a consideration, have children, in the spirit of her husband's illness recovery is also a help. Leukemia treatment costs are huge, especially for such an ordinary family. Su-Fang Wang said she is now retired, retirement pay more than 1,700 yuan a month, her husband and son are working, monthly income is about 2,000 yuan. Su-Fang Wang decision: to sell his house in nearby West Garden. Because the floor is high, small area, the house sold more than 30 million. "I hope this money can save his son's life." Su-Fang Wang said. ■ donate bone marrow matching results, Wang Fu premise can be transplanted bone marrow transplant have a suitable matching. During chemotherapy, the hospital has been looking through the China Bone Marrow Bank, until June of this year, did not find a suitable matching. Only family members who wish to be placed. Su-Fang Wang said he is rheumatoid arthritis patients, perennial eating hormone drugs, the body's immune function well. In this case, the husband was Wang Maofu matching. The results came out, was not an exact match, but can also be transplanted. In this case, high-dose chemotherapy, immune function Shuai has dropped to its lowest point. "There is no time to wait any longer." Su-Fang Wang said. "As long as able to save his son, there is a glimmer of hope but also to try." Wang Maofu without any hesitation. Su-Fang Wang said, at that time, we feel that the day has not fallen down. "By transplant surgery, his son had a future." ■ hope that the child was born the next day, Shuai received a bone marrow transplant bittersweet. Su-Fang Wang said, she realized the deep. July 21, Shuai's child was born. "Is a big fat guy, very healthy." Su-Fang Wang said, the very next day, which is July 22, Shuai a bone marrow transplant operation went very well. Su-Fang Wang said that she felt very sorry for daughter's. "Since his son found the disease, we have been in the hospital, did not take good care of Mike." Su-Fang Wang said, even the daughter of confinement, she did not have time to cook. Mike is not the slightest blame. "Veronica has been very easy, say, the family, I have more responsibility." Shuai in a sterile barn lived more than three months, shortly after the warehouse, Mike showed him holding his son look. "Look out, his eyes are beaming." Li said, she felt the stick is right, one more worried about her husband, which gave him added confidence to overcome the disease. "See son, I feel I must well up, I am a man, you can not put this big stall full pressure in the mother and the body of his wife." Shuai said. ■ day or collapse of the "frequent insomnia, night after night can not sleep a wink," This one seems a good direction. "Grandson was born, the son of a successful bone marrow transplant, I feel life there is hope." Su-Fang Wang finished, a long sigh. "I did not expect, day or collapsed." Su-Fang Wang said that during his son illness, her husband's body had been bad, frequent colds, coughs. Once she found her husband coughed up blood, and quickly let her husband were examined. The results came out, Su-Fang Wang said she was paralyzed on the ground. "Lung cancer and you talk about how my whole family so hard, so much disaster ah!" Is high-dose chemotherapy, two consecutive courses. November, Wang Maofu done left lung resection. "Often insomnia, night after night can not sleep a wink." Su-Fang Wang said, I feel there is no hope of this family, the two pillar are down, but also there is wisdom baccarat online gambling has been back together to build a casino gaming network? However, this idea did not last long duration. "Anyway, I have to adhere to in the end, as long as there is breath, can not give them Yeliang." Su-Fang Wang said. ■ 17 F and 20 F, "too much of the time waiting for the elevator, I always take the stairs," baccarat yesterday morning, when saw Su-Fang Wang, she is next to the 65 sons of the 20th floor. Shuai is infusion therapy. According Shuai doctor, blood Ke Sangwei doctors said the patient is currently in post-transplant, bone marrow transplant within this year, the immune system is relatively low, pay special attention to prevent infection. Currently, the patient is concerned, there has been a high fever as well as lung infection, the need for further treatment. Around 11:00, Shuai water basically lose finished. Su-Fang Wang downstairs to see her husband. 17th Floor, 32, Wang Maofu also infusion, looking haggard. "After the surgery, he had insisted on chemotherapy, probably have about six times." Su-Fang Wang said. "Bitter Su-fang, we Yeliang now thanks to her daughter up." Wang Maofu finished, a gasp for breath. Yeliang a person to take care of, yet can come back baccarat online gambling website has been jointly build casino gaming? Su-Fang Wang shook his head. "Can not come, no time to do the cooking, relatives and friends to stretch handles, who has time to give meal delivery, helped take care of." 17th floor, 20th floor, Su-Fang Wang said that these days, every day she did not know up and down many times. "Afraid to waste time waiting for the elevator, I always take the stairs." Speaking of which, Su-Fang Wang look at their hands, says the body is not to blame, because people with rheumatoid arthritis, leg so badly deformed hands now can not carry anything heavy. ■ You can not shirk a good-hearted people to come in, leaving a few hundred dollars left, "who have a face, but for no other way, we will not tell them." Su-Fang Wang said, in the eyes of fight Tears fell down laps. Su-Fang Wang says his son to the doctor has now spent more than 60 million, and her husband spent a doctor more than 60,000. Removing 260,000 Medicare reimbursement, selling the house is no more than 30 million. "Now, really are not a penny." Su-Fang Wang said, because his son and her husband is working, no work, no money, and now the family's only income is her monthly pension of 1,700 yuan. "But this money, it takes too many places." Su-Fang Wang said, the son of a man of light, a day spent all this money. Just when we interviewed, a kind of people came. "Yes Ms. Wang, and I look at the children." The 50-year-old woman finished, put away a few hundred dollars. We catch up to, want to ask the name. She waved his hand, "No, just a little something." Su-Fang Wang said that the situation of their home, got some good-hearted people of concern, they come, will leave a few hundred dollars. "Will be good, as long as the mother in" Su-Fang Wang is fairly optimistic person. Exchange, she can occasionally laugh. Especially in front of his son, the performance is very natural. "This time, crying is useless, have to be strong." Su-Fang Wang said it was her responsibility, "Why we are one person!" Shuai apparently some pessimistic mood. "I'm this age, it should be to take care of his mother, I did not expect, but the mother was worried about me." Shuai said, now very mixed feelings. "There are mothers, I am very happy; involving the mother, I'm sorry." Su-Fang Wang did not let his son go on. "Will be good, as long as mom." Su-Fang Wang finished, put the masks Shuai pulled to the top of the next. "Note that point, never stop infected, you healthy, that is the blessing of our shijiazi." □ Heineken International reporter's notes is very important aid to encourage more important Su-Fang Wang, 53 years old, an ordinary housewife. Interview her, in front of us, I hope she never did say if social assistance. But it is clear that all this is already the Su-Fang Wang can not shirk. She did not say. But anxious heart, heart pain. Son leukemia after transplantation infection lying in bed, her husband left lung resection chemotherapy, grandson just over four months, relatives and friends outside still owe a debt ...... this time, it is important to encourage. If you have spare time, you can go to the hospital to see about her. This time, the extension handle more important. If you have the financial capability, you can go to the hospital to help look for her. Your help will make the 53-year-old woman bear a lighter. Maybe her husband will get better, to restore the health of her son ...... html模版20楼的儿子患白血病17楼的丈夫得了肺癌
53岁的王素芳“摊上了难事”,她每天在医院楼上楼下跑,坚持着,“只要有一口气,也不能放弃他们爷俩”谁都不想有难事,但难事真摊身上了,就得扛,死扛。53岁的王素芳就摊上了。“孩子、丈夫,我谁也不能丢下。”26日上午11时许,徐医附院新病房大楼20层血液科65床,31岁的王帅(化名)戴着口罩躺在床上输液。床前,王素芳将午饭一分为二。“儿子,我下楼给你爸送点饭,一会就上来。”说着,王素芳将儿子正在输液的手往床里侧挪了挪。王素芳没有等电梯,直接从安全出口的楼梯走了下去。患有类风湿性关节炎的王素芳行动不是太方便。“这样可以节约一点时间。”说话间,王素芳来到了17楼32床前。这里躺着她的丈夫王茂富,一个月前,王茂富刚做了肺癌手术,左肺被切除。20楼的儿子患上白血病,17楼的丈夫得了肺癌,不放弃不抛弃,53岁的王素芳就这样坚持着。■卖房“希望这个钱能救儿子的命”时间回到2012年12月,当时30岁的王帅和妻子李女士在海云电脑城工作。那段时间,王帅经常感到浑身乏力,并伴有持续的低烧。经徐医附院检查确诊:王帅患的是急性淋巴细胞白血病。医生建议马上住院,先进行化疗,等待时机再进行骨髓移植。王素芳说,他们稳稳神后,立即安排儿子住院。“不管遇到啥事,有父母在,总会有办法的。”王素芳劝儿子。就在当时,儿媳小李怀孕3个月。“我怕病情牵涉到婴儿,想劝儿媳妇考虑是不是把孩子生下来。但也不好直接劝她,只是侧面说说。”儿媳的态度很坚决,一定要把孩子生下来。“孩子是我们的希望,我也相信孩子一定会健康。”小李说,当时她还有一个考虑,有了孩子,在精神上对丈夫的病情恢复也是一个帮助。白血病的治疗费用是巨大的,尤其对于这样一个普通的家庭。王素芳说,她现在退休了,每个月1700多元的退休工资,丈夫和儿子都是打工的,每个月也就是2000元左右的收入。王素芳决定:卖掉自己在西苑附近的房子。因为楼层高、面积小,房子卖了30多万元。“希望这个钱能救儿子的命。”王素芳说。■捐骨髓配型结果,王父可以移植骨髓移植的前提得有合适的配型。在化疗期间,医院通过中华骨髓库进行了寻找,直到今年6月,都没有找到适合的配型。希望只能放在家人身上。王素芳说,自己是类风湿关节炎患者,常年吃激素类药物,身体的免疫功能不好。在这种情况下,丈夫王茂富进行了配型。结果出来了,并不完全匹配,但也可以移植。此时,通过大剂量的化疗,王帅的免疫功能已经降到最低点。“没有时间再等了。”王素芳说。“只要能救儿子,有一线希望也要试试。”王茂富没有任何的犹豫。王素芳说,那个时候,我们觉得天还没有塌下来。“通过移植手术,儿子还是有未来的。”■希望孩子出生第二天,王帅接受了骨髓移植手术悲喜交加。王素芳说,她体会的很深。7月21日,王帅的孩子出生。“是个大胖小子,很健康。”王素芳说,就在第二天,也就是7月22日,王帅进行了骨髓移植手术,手术很顺利。王素芳说,她感觉挺对不住儿媳妇的。“自从儿子查出病后,我们就一直在医院,没有很好地照顾小李。”王素芳说,就连儿媳妇坐月子,她都没有时间给做饭。小李没有丝毫的埋怨。“婆婆已经很不容易了,再说了,这个家,我更有责任承担。”王帅在无菌仓里住了3个多月,出仓后不久,小李将儿子抱着给他看了一下。“看的出来,他的眼是放光的。”小李说,她觉得自己的坚持是对的,丈夫又多了一个牵挂,这给他战胜病魔增添了信心。“看到了儿子,我觉得我必须得好起来,我是一个男人,不能把这一大摊子全压在母亲和妻子身上。”王帅说。■天还是塌了“经常失眠,一夜一夜地不能合眼”这一家似乎正往好的方向发展。“孙子的出生,儿子骨髓移植的成功,感觉生活有了希望。”王素芳说完,长长地叹了一口气。“没想到,天还是塌了。”王素芳说,儿子患病期间,丈夫的身体就一直不好,频繁地感冒、咳嗽。有一次,她发现丈夫咳出了血,连忙让丈夫作了检查。结果一出来,王素芳说她就瘫在地上了。“肺癌。你说说,我这一家子怎么就这么难,这么多灾啊!”又是大剂量的化疗,连续两个疗程。11月,王茂富做了左肺切除手术。“经常失眠,一夜一夜地不能合眼。”王素芳说,感觉这个家没有希望了,两个顶梁柱都倒了,还能有啥子网上赌博回百家乐已博彩网共同打造娱乐城?不过,这种念头持续的时间并不长。“不管怎么样,我得坚持到底,只要有一口气,也不能放弃他们爷俩。”王素芳说。■17楼与20楼“等电梯怕耽误时间,我都是走楼梯”昨日百家乐上午,见到王素芳时,她正在20楼65床儿子的旁边。王帅正在输液治疗。据王帅的主治医生、血液科桑威医生介绍说,患者目前正处于移植手术的后期,这种骨髓移植手术在一年之内,免疫力都是比较低的,要特别注意防止感染。目前,就患者的情况而言,出现了高烧还有肺部感染,需要进一步治疗。11时左右,王帅的水基本上输完了。王素芳下楼去看丈夫。17楼32床,王茂富也正在输液,面色憔悴。“手术后,他得坚持进行化疗,大概得6次左右。”王素芳说。“苦了素芳了,我们爷俩现在全靠她和儿媳了。”王茂富说完,喘了一口粗气。一个人照顾爷俩,能来的了吗网上赌博回百家乐已博彩网共同打造娱乐城?王素芳摇摇头。“来不了,做饭都没时间做,亲戚朋友都来伸把手,谁有时间就给送送饭,帮着照顾一下。”17楼、20楼,王素芳说,这些日子,她每天不知道要上下多少次。“等电梯怕耽误时间,我都是走楼梯。”说到这,王素芳看看自己的手,说身体也不争气,因为患有类风湿性关节炎,腿疼得厉害,手现在也变形了,不能拎任何重物。■不能承受之重一位好心人进来,留下几百块钱走了“谁都要个面子,要不是没办法了,我们也不会说出这些。”王素芳说着,在眼里打了几圈的泪水掉了下来。王素芳说,儿子看病到目前已经花去60多万了,丈夫看病花去了6万多。除去医保报销的26万,卖房子的30多万元就没有了。“现在,真是一分钱都没有了。”王素芳说,因为儿子和丈夫是打工的,不上班就没有钱,现在全家唯一的收入是她的每月1700元的退休金。“但这点钱,需要花的地方太多了。”王素芳说,光儿子一个人,这点钱一天就花完了。就在我们采访时,一位好心的市民走了进来。“是王女士吧,我来看看孩子。”这位50多岁的女士说完,放下几百块钱走了。我们追上去,想问问姓名。她摆摆手,“不用了,一点心意而已。”王素芳说,他们家的情况,得到了一些好心人的关注,他们来了,会留下几百元钱。“会好的,只要有妈在”王素芳还算是乐观的人。交流时,她偶尔还能笑一下。尤其是在儿子的面前,表现的很自然。“这个时候,哭是没用的,必须得坚强起来。”王素芳说,这是她的责任,“谁叫我们是一家人呢!”王帅的心情显然有些悲观。“我这个年龄,应该是照顾母亲的,没想到,反而让母亲为我担忧。”王帅说,现在的心情复杂极了。“有母亲在,我很幸福;累及母亲,我很难过。”王素芳没有让儿子继续说下去。“会好的,只要有妈在。”王素芳说完,把王帅的口罩往上面拉了一下。“注意点,千万别再感染了,你健康了,就是我们这家子的福了。”□喜力国际 记者手记鼓励很重要 援助更重要王素芳,53岁,一个普通的家庭妇女。采访她时,在我们面前,她始终没说出希望社会帮助的话。但很显然,这一切,已经是王素芳不能承受之重。她不说。但心里急,心里苦。儿子白血病移植后感染躺在病床上,丈夫左肺切除进行化疗,小孙子刚刚4个多月,外边还欠了亲戚朋友的债……这个时候,鼓励很重要。如果你有空余时间,可以到医院看望一下她。这个时候,伸把手更重要。如果你有经济能力,可以到医院帮助一下她。你的帮助,会让这位53岁的妇女承担的轻一些。也许,她的丈夫会好起来,她的儿子能恢复健康……(责任编辑:admin)
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